Who Killed Jo Cox?

Who killed Jo Cox? Not Nigel Farage. Though he showed us the broken and helpless and told us to fear them. They fled crucifixion and poison gas and he told us to hate them. "If voting doesn't work, violence is next," he said.  But that's just Nigel, that's his way. Did you see him on the Thames?  You've got to put Britain first, you see. Not David Cameron. Though he told us a "swarm" was coming across the sea to take advantage of us. David Cameron is an honourable man. he was just trying … [Read more...]

Theresa May, Lord Byron and trying to get out of St Pancras Station

Arriving back in London by Eurostar is a demoralising experience: as the train slips into the glories of St Pancras station, my spirits sink. It's not the slate grey skies or the unrelenting drizzle outside, it's the fact that, as the tourists stop and point at the dizzying vault above, I know what awaits them in the cellars beneath. St Pancras was restored to provide visitors with a grand entrance to London. Not for us the drab greys of Paris' Gare du Nord or Brussels' Gare du Midi, we would … [Read more...]