Who Killed Jo Cox?

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Who killed Jo Cox?

Not Nigel Farage. Though he showed us the broken and helpless and told us to fear them. They fled crucifixion and poison gas and he told us to hate them. “If voting doesn’t work, violence is next,” he said.  But that’s just Nigel, that’s his way. Did you see him on the Thames?  You’ve got to put Britain first, you see.

Not David Cameron. Though he told us a “swarm” was coming across the sea to take advantage of us. David Cameron is an honourable man. he was just trying to defend us. You’ve got to put Britain first, you see.

Not Boris Johnson. Though he said the American President doesn’t like us because he’s black. An “ancestral dislike”, he said. But that’s just Boris, that’s his way. This is his chance, his best shot at PM.  You’ve got to put Boris first, you see.

Not Michael Gove. Though he told us the Turks were coming, that migrants are a “direct cost to us all”. Michael Gove is an honourable man, he believes what he says.  You’ve got to put Britain first, you see.

Not the Daily Mail. Though they told us the refugees are terrorists, you can’t let them in. Just imagine what might happen if you did: innocent women gunned down in the streets, children left without a mother. You can’t let that happen, you’ve got to put Britain first, you see.

The man who pulled the trigger appeared in court today. He’s disturbed, so they say. He’s been told for so long foreigners are the problem and everything will be alright if they just go away.  He put Britain first, you see.

Jo Cox is dead. She said we could help.  If we can’t take everyone, we can at least take the children, she said.  She put people first, you see.

Who killed Jo Cox?  Just a madman, a crazed loner. Don’t try to make sense of it, you’ll only divide us. You’ve got to put Britain first, you see.


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