The Return Home named as Sunday Telegraph Book Club Choice

1 MAY 2017

The Sunday Telegraph has named The Return Home as its Book Club Choice. The newspaper described it as a “clever and sensitive novel” that “stays with you”. Click to enlarge the full review below:

Accepting the mullah’s surrender: interview with BBC Radio Jersey

7 APR 2017

Justin Huggler spoke with BBC Radio Jersey’s Carrie Cooper about accepting the surrender of a Taliban commander in Afghanistan, surviving a car chase with kidnappers in Iraq and why he returned home to the Channel Islands for his new novel.


Coming this April: The Return Home

30 MAR 2017

Justin Huggler’s new novel, The Return Home, is published on 6 April. Set on the storm-torn island of Jersey, it tells the story of Jack, a hardened war correspondent forced to return home after he is seriously injured in Afghanistan.

Ben, his eight-year old nephew, watches from from the top of the stairs as a haggard figure limps into the hallway below. Jack is not the same man who left, and his arrival will throw a family into turmoil.

Thirty years later, the adult Ben’s life is spinning out of control again. Uncle Jack has disappeared, and Ben sets out to find him before it is too late.

Set in an atmospheric Jersey and shadowed by its Nazi-occupied past, The Return Home is a gripping tale about growing up, the breaking and mending of relationships and facing our disappointments in order to move on.



Robert Fisk calls The Burden of the Desert a “revelation”

6 JAN 2017

Robert Fisk, the legendary British Middle East correspondent, has spoken out in praise of The Burden of the Desert, describing it as “an absolute cracker”.

Writing in The Independent, Fisk said the book is “a revelation on the cynicism and cowardice of journalists, the immorality of diplomats and the fury of Arabs”.

Britain’s most decorated foreign correspondent, Fisk interviewed Osama bin Laden three times, stayed in Beirut throughout the Lebanese civil war, and covered the fall of Baghdad. More recently he has reported from the front line in Syria at the age of 70.

You can read his full article on Justin Huggler and The Burden of the Desert here